Jeanne MARINO- Director

The Department of Grants serves as the Parish’s central administrative unit responsible for securing external resources through grants and contracts as well as accountability to those sources. The department also informs the Parish departments, offices and agencies of all relevant local, state and federal grant programs as well as provides guidance and support to the Parish while ensuring the government’s contractual and regulatory obligations.

We are currently working to launch the St Tammany Rental Assistance Program (STRAP) which will utilize CARES Act funding from the Department of Treasury. The program is mobilizing. The estimated timeframe to begin taking appointments is the week of April 5th. There will be two locations for assistance: one on Koop Drive in Mandeville and one in Slidell at the Towers building.


For questions please contact us by phone at, 985-898-3016, or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Wap xổ số miền bắc for more information on arts project grants.

How do I obtain a grant to elevate my home?
Grants are available for residential mitigation in relation to specific disaster and through an annual competitive grant opportunity provided by FEMA. Each opportunity has specific requirements - see Residential MitigationWap xổ số miền bắc page for more information.



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